What is Social Emotional Learning and SQUAD?

Bristol Public Schools is focusing on Social Emotional Learning  (SEL) as important skills to developing a well-rounded student. The purpose of SEL is for ¨children and adults to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.¨ (Casel)

At Greene-Hills we will have frequent group meetings to teach these skills. We will all work together as a SQUAD and develop a deeper understanding of our ¨SHARP¨ expectations. Lessons will have a targeted goal that aligns with aspects of ¨SHARP¨, growth mindset and continuous improvement. Students will participate in discussions, interpret quotes, watch relevant videos, read related stories/articles, engage in collaborative team activities, and share/reflect to gain a deeper understanding of the “SHARP” expectations. This frequent practice will improve the culture and climate within the classroom and school community and teach students skills that will be the foundation of future.

¿Qué es el aprendizaje socioemocional y el SQUAD?

Las Escuelas Públicas de Bristol se están enfocando en el Aprendizaje Emocional Social  como habilidades importantes para el desarrollo de un estudiante completo. El objetivo de SEL es que los niños y adultos adquieran y apliquen efectivamente los conocimientos, las actitudes y las habilidades necesarias para comprender y manejar las emociones, establecer y alcanzar objetivos positivos, sentir y mostrar empatía por los demás, establecer y mantener relaciones positivas y hacer decisiones responsables. "(Casel) En Greene-Hills tendremos frecuentes reuniones grupales para enseñar estas habilidades. Todos trabajaremos juntos como un SQUAD y desarrollaremos una comprensión más profunda de nuestras expectativas de "SHARP". Las lecciones tendrán un objetivo específico que se alinee con los aspectos de "SHARP", la mentalidad de crecimiento y la mejora continua. Los estudiantes participarán en discusiones, interpretarán citas, mirarán videos relevantes, leerán historias / artículos relacionados, participarán en actividades de equipo de colaboración y compartirán y reflexionarán para obtener una comprensión más profunda de las expectativas "SHARP". Esta práctica frecuente mejorará la cultura y el clima dentro del salón de clase y la comunidad escolar y les enseñará a los estudiantes habilidades que serán la base del futuro.

BHS_Final Gator logo color.jpgGreene-Hills Students have SHARP Minds

Self Aware

  • I can identify and manage my emotions and behaviors.
  • I can understand myself and ask for what I need.
  • I can set personal and academic goals.
  • I can see how my actions affect others around me.

Helps Others

  • I can seek opportunities to help within the classroom.
  • I can seek opportunities to help within the school.
  • I can seek opportunities to help within our community.

Always Perseveres

  • I can work through problems or assignments and not give up.
  • I can learn from mistakes to grow my brain.
  • I can achieve at high levels.

Relationship Builder

  • I can recognize the feelings and point of view of others.
  • I can communicate effectively with others.
  • I can value similarities and differences in others.
  • I can prevent and resolve problems with others.

Problem Solver

  • I can make safe choices for myself, others and the school.
  • I can make healthy decisions.
  • I can take responsibility for my decisions.

GHS SHARP Minds in Spanish



Ready to learn!


      Self Aware

      Helps Others

      Always Perseveres

      Relationship Builder

      Problem Solver

Keep trying!

What do I need?

Take a bathroom break

Get a quick drink

Move to another work area

Take 5 deep breaths

5 minute color/drawing break

Complete a think sheet

Conference with a teacher

Use a mindfulness strategy (positive self-talk)

Need a minute, take a minute

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